Report 2017

Palmora®: for more sustainable palm oil production

From soap and cosmetics to cookies, chocolate and margarine, demand for products containing vegetable oil is growing. That translates into an increasing need for palm oil as it is the world’s most widely used vegetable oil. It is important to squeeze every drop of oil out of the palm fruit as well as making the process as sustainable as possible for the future.

Novozymes Palmora® can help achieve this and is now available in Malaysia and Indonesia, where 85% of global palm oil production occurs.

“Traditional tools to improve palm oil extraction have reached their limits," explains Rasmus von Gottberg, Vice President of Food & Beverages at Novozymes. "With Palmora®, we'll increase the operating efficiency of palm oil mills and help make the industry more sustainable. It's a good example of Novozymes innovation that helps meet customer needs in growth markets."

Palmora® uses enzymes to break down the cell walls of the palm fruit to release more oil. The product helps meet the growing demand for palm oil by making the production process more efficient and improving yields, while also using fewer resources. The result is more palm oil from the same amount of land.

Learning from our partners
In 2017, Novozymes rolled out Palmora® to some of the largest palm oil producers in Malaysia and Indonesia. We are working closely with them to resolve their oil extraction challenges and optimize the output from their mills.

"Partnering with the largest palm oil producers gives us a big footprint in the market while enabling us to deliver on sales," continues Rasmus von Gottberg. "We also aim to partner the palm oil value chain and add value to the by-products of palm oil production." Improvements might include upgrading palm kernel cake meal (the product left over after crushing the palm fruit kernels) for chicken feed, generating biodiesel using crude palm oil or reducing the impact of wastewater discharged from palm oil mills.


“Traditional tools to improve palm oil extraction have reached their limits."


Becoming an industry asset
The palm oil industry is associated with a number of sustainability challenges today and has been criticized by NGOs and the media for causing deforestation as well as for its exploitative labor practices. Novozymes recognizes the challenges within the palm oil industry and firmly believes that it is possible to produce palm oil sustainably. Our ambition is to exert a positive influence within the palm oil industry by engaging responsibly with stakeholders and measuring our impact.

Along with our partners, we are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an essential benchmark of good practice in the industry, and follow the RSPO’s guidelines.