Report 2017

Detergent concepts for emerging markets

Novozymes launched its Detergent Design Center in India to develop solutions for emerging markets.

In November 2017, Novozymes inaugurated its Detergent Design Center in Bangalore, India. This will serve as a platform for engaging customers on how our biological solutions can meet their needs in laundry detergents and soap bars.


The center features formulation, full wash, hand wash, stain development, consumer panel lab, and customer and consumer experience zones. Our experts at the center will develop formulation and concept prototypes or demos of detergent solutions to meet emerging market needs. These include consumer-specific performance targets based on themes such as water reduction, mildness to skin, cleanliness, fabric care and improved whiteness and stain removal in the mass market segment. Key themes will be identified through market research, consumer behavior studies, customer visits, dialogues and surveys.


“We're moving toward a more holistic approach with customers, where we’re a concept and solution developer, and not perceived as a specialty ingredient provider," says Jannie Michaela Rendtlew Danielsen, Novozymes’ Head of Household Care Technical Service. "Our conversations with customers won’t be about enzymes but about developing a complete detergent concept to meet real needs and help bring that concept to market.


"By having everything under one roof – technical and marketing – we can invite our customers on the full journey – from market trends and what the consumer truly wants, to concept development. That ultimately helps us in making concept prototypes that resonate with the customer."