Report 2017

Novozymes’ first new freshness & hygiene solution tackles persistent stains

Sweat. Dirt. Nobody wants this unavoidable grime on their body – or on their clothes. Thankfully, Novozymes’ new freshness & hygiene solutions are on hand.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we launched the first freshness & hygiene solution, which will take laundry detergents to a whole new level of performance. This solution comes in the form of a new product that targets the odors lurking deep down in textiles and complex stains that build up over time. These stains, which are made up of a combination of body soil, grime and dirt, are notoriously difficult to remove.


Novozymes’ breakthrough solution works to address many of the laundry gripes of consumers worldwide.


Freshness & hygiene is new territory for enzymes, which are traditionally used for more specific stain removal and textile color care. With this new solution, Novozymes can expand its presence worldwide and increase its already significant foothold in the Household Care industry.


“This is one of our biggest innovations in the past 25 years,” says Anders Lund, Executive Vice President, Household Care and Technical.


“We’ve received great preliminary customer feedback on our new solutions, and I’m confident that they will begin contributing to sales growth in the second half of 2018.”


“This is one of our biggest innovations in the past 25 years.”